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There are many ways to make teeth function in the most healthy way possible. One of the most conservative and popular ways to correct teeth that are out of position is Invisalign therapy. Using 3D technology we can digitally scan your teeth for a custom 3D tooth straightening simulation. You can see the result before you begin. Most cases are 6-11 months, but for minor cases they can be straightened is as little as 1-2 months!

The biggest benefit is ability to keep your teeth functioning in an ideal way to eliminate premature wear or tartar buildup. A fortunate side-effect however is beautifully straight teeth to give your smile that extra attractive edge.

Child Orthodontics/ Braces

We call it Phase 1 or Interceptive orthodontics. Our goal is to intercept any early and negative changes as the child is growing and developing, that may negatively effect their final tooth position. Often times if you wait until your child is past the age of 8-10 years, it may be too late to manipulate the shape of their jaws to allow all the teeth to fit and grow into the correct positions for proper function and esthetics.

By catching and idealizing their tooth position prior to their final skeletal growth pattern, we allow the teeth to erupt and move into the places they belong and therefore are not forcing them to a foreign position later in life.

child-orthodontics braces springfield

We can prevent healthy teeth from being pulled, and create a more stable long-term tooth position

Waiting to correct early problems can cause a situation where to create room to align teeth, 4 or more healthy teeth are removed which constricts the overall mouth, crowds out the tongue, alters what would be a broad and healthy smile, and reduces the efficiency of overall chewing. We can prevent this most often with early intervention.


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400+ Google reviews