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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Many options exist from simple take home professional kits (ultradent Go), Custom whitening trays, and In-Office one visit Boost whitening. Most whitening is done with some form of Hydrogen Peroxide. The products these days usually include “Carbamide Peroxide” which is broken down over time to Hydrogen Peroxide and Water to create more of a timed release whitening product. The results all depends on whether the staining is external or on the surface of the tooth, or whether it is internal or deep inside the enamel. Some of our whitening products include extra materials such as Potassium Nitrate (desensitizer), and Flouride (anticavity treatment) to improve the health of the teeth and whitening experience.

Which is right for you?

Same Day Whitening:

For those who want to prevent the hassle of home whitening for two weeks or more, we offer same day whitening with the Boost whitening system. This is great for people in a time crunch to get their teeth as white as naturally possible in the fastest way possible. It is best for those with moderate to severe external tooth stains.

Custom Whitening Trays:

For those who already have relatively white teeth, or who want to maintain their shade over time, we recommend this option. It may take 2 weeks of 30 minutes per day for the average improvements. In some severe cases it may take 4-6 weeks or longer. The nice thing about this option is that you can reuse the trays for years as long as there are not any major shape changes effecting the tray fit (such as a new crown or tooth movement through invisalign). Once you run out of gel over time, you can just swing by and purchase a couple more tubes for a nominal fee and keep on whitening!

Go Professional Strips:

This is the most economical option, and the fastest option to try if you just want a little touch up. They are similar to crest whitestrips, however, the strength of the solution is stronger than the over the counter comparisons. This version also has a special solution which includes a built in desensitizer along with flouride to make it an even more healthy and comfortable option for your teeth.


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400+ Google reviews