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Root Canals


Root Canals

Often times due to a cavity, or other tooth trauma, when a tooth becomes infected, Root Canal Therapy is recommended.

How you may know if you need one?

When a tooth dies, it often begins to be lingering sensitive to cold things, noticeably painful to hot things, spontaneosly painful, waking you up at night, forcing you to take pain relievers, or can just have a general ache to it. On occasion a chronic infection is not painful, but may include swelling or may show up as a dental abscess in an xray.

“Will the root canal hurt, someone told me they hurt?”

On rare occasion a tooth is so infected and swollen, that it may be a challenge to get numb at first. Most people only hear this side of a “root canal”. Fortunately, this is only 1 in 100 situations from our experience. 99% of the time we get you completely comfortable and it is as comfortable as a simple filling. As long as you can open your mouth comfortably, the rest is very routine.

What is a root canal?

Inside of a tooth there is a blood supply and a nerve. When that supply is cut off by trauma or the tooth is damaged by bacteria from a cavity or fracture for instance, the bacteria invades the little tunnel inside of the tooth and begins to populate into thousands of other bacterias. This infection exits the tooth through the tip of the root and sometimes shows up as a small or very large infection or “abscess” near the root tip.

We must clean out this infection and sterilize the inside of the tooth, and seal off this root tip so no new bacteria may enter. Although there is an estimated 5% chance that the bacteria returns after a root canal, most times the tooth being sterilized and sealed is enough to serve you for many more years and often times a lifetime.


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400+ Google reviews