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Removable Dentures

removable dentures springfield


Removable Dentures

If you have tried in the past to maintain the health of your teeth and are worn out with constant repairs and additional expenses, the most economical way to bring your smile back and eliminate recurring problems is with Traditional Dentures.

Full upper dentures fit like a suction cup and are relatively easy to adapt to. If you wish to eliminate the palate which blocks thermal sensations to the roof of your mouth, may inhibit easy speech, and feels less natural, you may opt for dental implants to retain the denture on the top. Implants are not required in most cases on the upper for retention so many people elect to save money and attempt a traditional upper denture first. There are other benefits of implants such as bone preservation that you may wish to discuss with us before making a decision.

Full lower dentures fit like a floating horseshoe shaped object on your lower gums. Most people elect for this reason to create retention with dental implants so they may chew and speak comfortably. Without the implants, the adaptation period is often much longer, and many people are unhappy with the lower denture over time.

Not all dentures are created equal!

Our goal is not to be the low-price leader, but to give the best value by providing a world class denture in both function, comfort, and esthetics. Dentures are a passion of Dr. Kelly, and he has spent countless hours to provide a world class, premium product which is customized specific to each patient through a meticulous approach unmatched by the “fast and cheap” denture clinics.

Using a method out of Switzerland and the Swiss School of Prosthodontics, Dr. Kelly has been co-published in dental literature along side his denture laboratory technician in the Journal of Dental Technicians magazine highlighting their denture process.

Partial Dentures

The same process is used to create a comfortable fit and look for those who still have half of their teeth and wish to keep them as long as possible, but need to improve their look and chewing function.
partial dentures springfield

Implant Supported Prosthesis/ All on 4

For those wishing for the peak of sophisticated prosthetics allowing for the most natural esthetics and function, and with the maximum chewing efficiency most similar to having their real teeth again, we provide implant supported bridges and hybrid denture options. Although this is the most expensive of the tooth replacement options, the feel and look and confidence you get from having powerful chewing and permanent/non-removable teeth again is worth the investment to many. With unmatched natural beauty and using only the finest of materials and technicians, we custom fabricate the most natural permanent tooth replacements possible.

Many times we will include more than just 4 implants to use in these procedures for extra stability and options. Our 3D guided dental implant procedures also provide for the most stable foundation and efficient use of oral structures to help our product outlast the competition.


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400+ Google reviews